5 Situations All Rowers Know Too Well


You know you have had a good training session when you take your hands off the handles only to find the skin from popped blisters have peeled off sticking to your oars. Although,it must be admitted, we all secretly want bigger blisters than our other club members because they prove you have grafted the most.

The All-in-One

Where to start on this one, firstly there are the inescapable tan lines. No matter what you do, somehow, you get them - even if you literally only wear it for a race!

The Crocks and Socks Can Truly Rock Combo

To any non-rowing friends you have they will most certainly say that crocks and socks are a wardrobe malfunction which should probably be illegal. However, we know that they are the comfiest boat-launching attire going, particularly if the regatta venue is a coastal one and on the beach - those wellies will only overflow with seawater!

The Boat Without Shoes

We all have that one boat in our club without the proper shoes on the foot stretchers, which means you have to wear your own trainers and more often than not you end up wrecking your best pair or having to wait at least three days for them to dry out thoroughly. *sigh*

Completely Pigging Out After A Race

It happens. We can't not do it because it becomes a routine thing. Whether it's the bacon butties or the cakes and Mars bars none of us can resist it after a heated race, especially at the end of the day when everything is selling for even cheaper!

And there is no feeling of guilt whatsoever ...

- Blog post by Becca Nigh

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