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Nat Schools '22 in Review
Aaaaaaaaaaaand, breathe.... 3 epic days of breath-taking racing, eating humble pie, commentary cars... here's the review of Nat Schools Regatta 2022
Best Provincial Regattas for Summer 2022
Whilst a lot of the rowing community in the UK fixate on the ‘bigger’ regattas at Dorney, Nottingham and Henley, there is a world of regional and club-based events which remains relatively untapped, here's our guide...
Post Boat Race Blues - What's Next?
After the 9 long months of training, and final race on the tideway, what happens after The Boat Race? We speak to 3 athletes who competed in this years' races.
The Rowing Briefing April 2022
Spring is in the air, more GB rowing retirements have been announced. Some expected, some not. Head races and the Boat Race. Bumper edition of rowing news for April!
The Impact of COVID
Now that we have had an almost normal head season, it feels like we can reflect on the pandemic with a degree of hindsight...
Winter Ergo Workouts
"Enjoy" some hand crafted winter rowing machine workouts to keep the boredom at bay. Some cold classics as well as a few to spice things up.
Fuelling Better Performance
A 68kg rower who is training hard will burn over 300 calories during a 30 minute ergo session. As a new year dawns, there has never been a better time to review and readdress your nutritional intake.