About Us

Launched in 2014 by the beautiful banks of the River Dee in Chester, UK, you can feel the spirit of rowing culture in all our designs.

We'll take you from the boat house to town without having to go home for a change. Stylish tees, cosy sweats and comfy hoodies, our clothes are designed to be wearable anywhere, for anyone, anytime.

Taking inspiration from the heritage of British rowing and the American crew culture we bring you timeless quality clothing.

What does "Square Blades" mean?

"Square Blades" is a type of training exercise used in rowing. When you see a crew on the water you'll see they twist the handle of the oar as they go forward after finishing the stroke. This is called "feathering" and reduces drag on the boat and makes it go quicker. Not feathering the oar is called "Square Blades" and helps rowers ensure their oar is coming out of the water cleanly and that their hand heights are level throughout the stroke.

Legal Stuff

"Square Blades" is the trading name of Square Blades Limited, the principal office of which is at 28 Handbridge, Chester, CH4 7JE, United Kingdom.

Square Blades Limited is registered in England & Wales under Company Number 09606101.

The Square Blades logo is a registered trademark (UK00003169715)