Winter Warmers - Rowing in the Cold

Winter Warmers - Rowing in the Cold

The cold season is upon us. As I write, snow sits atop the cars, roofs, and pavements as far as the eye can see and temperatures have plummeted to below zero, even in the usually mild capital city of the UK. Rowing in this weather can be dangerous if you do not wrap up properly and ensure you’re properly protected against the elements.

Thankfully, we're sort of experts on this space at Square Blades (not that we’d ever brag about it). Our range of winter wear stems from the fundamental to just plain fun and with Christmas fast approaching makes for an ideal gift for any keen rower intent on spending lots of time on the water between now and the spring.


A classically under-rated piece of kit, headwear can often mean the difference between a clean bill of health and a head-cold caught from over-exposure to low temperatures and rain/wind. At Square Blades, we've got a particularly fetching neck warmer that covers your throat and keeps your neck and head nice and toasty during the chillier months. The design is said to be inspired by the fluid dynamics of water across the oar. Our Engineered Knit Beanie range are technically designed to have a close-fitting crown and are available in four on-trend colours.


The piece of kit you’ll want to wear for the first four kilometres and then shed once you’ve warmed up. A lightweight quarter-zip is perfect in this regard – you can wear it over your thermal gear and all-in-one then strip down if/when you feel comfortable. Even if you never properly warm up to the point you want to remove layers, our super soft technical base-layer with brushed fleece lining will keep you warm on those early morning/late evening training sessions and not interfere with your stroke.


‘Tis the season for heavy-duty outerwear. When you’ve come off the water, you’ll quickly be seeking something warm and cosy and our Borg Fleece is the ideal companion. Casual and on-point is the quarter zip super-comfy borg fleece's remit and the Sheepskin-like fabric feels soft to the touch and protects against the cold. Hurry though – only available whilst stocks last!


To some in the rowing community, Pogies are a dirty word. For those with circulation issues or simply a propensity for cold hands, they're a true game-changer. Although we do not currently have on offer, we can certainly recommend the crewroom range which are tried and tested in two colours. As crewroom so aptly put it – "no more frozen hands for all you rowers out on the water at freezing o'clock in the middle of winter."

Splash Jackets

Ever sat behind someone who splashes you every time their blade connects with the water (front-stops, back-stops, perhaps even both). That little habit becomes a lot less amusing when it's sub-zero outside and every drop of water on your body is like a tiny dagger. Step forward the Splash Jacket. Available from all major rowing retailers (including us with our partnership with Mizuno), and even available in custom colours/trim for specific clubs, you’d be a fool not to buy your own version. It doubles as a handy piece of kit to wear in and around the boathouse too.


Obviously not for rowing in, but a hoodie is something that'll help bring the chills under control and keep the warmth in when you get off the water. Not that we're bragging, but we are experts in the hoodie field. Our latest Varsity Crew hoodie is just the right kind of comfort for post-water coffee in the boathouse.


Words by Junior Rowing News
Photo by A Blind Photographer

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