Rowing Podcasts

Rowing is life, right? We've curated a list of rowing podcasts for your listening pleasure. These podcasts cover everything from coaching, dietary tips, general rowing chat, discussing inclusivity, interviews.... You get the picture! They're the ideal antidote to lockdown blues, and WFH...

(Listed in alphabetical order)

Broken Oars Podcast

The podcast for rowers who think that rowing was always better 10 - 12 years ago - regardless of the current year. Featuring stellar guests from the world of rowing, the Broken Oars team present a fun, informative and occasionally factually accurate podcast about rowing, rowers, racing, training, competing, coaching, rivers, lakes and clubs.

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End of the Island

From the nation’s premier Junior Rowing outlet comes: The end of the island. Your one-stop shop for the latest and greatest from across the rowing circuit. Tune in for weekly(ish) insights, analysis and interviews.

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Girl on the River

Patricia Carswell, aka Girl on the River, chats to guests from all around the rowing and sporting world, about her favourite topic - rowing. 

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The Row Show

Everyone watches the Olympics and it is easy to appreciate the level of skill of any athlete competing there but it is hard to understand the journey each athlete has taken to get there by just watching their final performance. We are going to look at the behind the scenes stuff and try understand the years of work and dedication, the Glory and the Hardships an athlete endures to have a chance at standing on the greatest sporting stage in the World.

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Rowing Chat

Rowing Chat is the podcast network dedicated to rowing. We have many shows hosted from around the world on specialist topics from Strength Training to USA news, from interviews to data analysis. Produced by Rebecca Caroe, it brings rowing news, coaching advice and interviews to you.

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Rowing in Color

Denise Aquino and Patricia Destine are two women of color who are dedicated to promoting diversity within the sport of rowing. No stranger to navigation or microphones, these former coxswains amplify what it’s like to navigate the topic of race within the white-dominated sport of rowing. 

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Steady State Network

Steady State Podcast re-frames the popular, yet limited narrative about rowing culture. We celebrate the expansive array of rowers, coaches, and coxswains in a podcast designed to savor real-life experience from launch to cox seat at every level.

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