When you're erging, running, or shifting tin in the weights room you need some highly curated vibes to keep you going. David spent over 10 years in the music industry and is slowly creating a playlist for every occasion and genre.

Indie Steady State (1hr 17mins) 

The hour of power. The winter grind. Metres win prizes. The indie playlist will keep you in the zone of steady state. 21 curated songs, using bit of science, to keep you on pace. The bpm never goes above 120bpm, and never drops under 110bpm.

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The "Ultimate" Erg Playlist (2hrs 8mins)

The Ultimate Erg Playlist was made from suggestions by our Instagram followers. To say it's eclectic is an understatement. But we'd like to call it a 30-song musical journey. Enjoy.

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